About Us

How do business relationships form? Pretty much like all relationships. Timing, connections and serendipity. 

Marilyn honed her goldsmithing skills (working two jobs and training in the evening) opening Marigold Jewellery in 1983. As her business grew from repair work to custom jewellery, Marilyn was able to explore her talent for design, winning her first national design competition five years later in 1988. 

Lindsey entered into the picture as a 16 year old high school student, as part of her co-op program for Goldsmithing. Working together in the confines of a workshop, a bond was formed. Fast forward through the up and downs of life, twenty years later the bond of friendship, love of jewellery and working in a creative, fascinating industry has made for a perfect business partnership. 


Over the last year Marilyn and Lindsey have combined their efforts, working on something exciting together - a new website where they can share their considerable collection of estate pieces amassed over the last 40 years - note that only the best of the best are deemed special enough to earn a spot in our sales inventory: these pieces are polished, restored, and researched ready to win you over to become part of your own “permanent collection”