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Platinum Band

Platinum Band


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This is a vintage classic half round wedding band. Platinum has an interesting history in the jewellery world. It's melting point is an astonishing 3221.6° F, therefore it took until 1895 to develop a torch system that could effectively and safely melt platinum. WW1 came along and production of fine jewellery diminished, but what followed was the Art Deco Period and platinum was the metal of choice. During WW2 the US government declared platinum a strategic mineral, prohibiting its use in any capacity besides the industry of war. It took until the 1960's to regain global popularity.

Platinum is an stellar choice for a daily wear ring, as any scratches are merely a displacement of the metal, and no volume is lost. Since this is a vintage ring, it has its own patina finish already. Let us know if you would like this to have a high polished, or brushed finish done for you.

  • Platinum
  • 5mm wide
  • Size 8.25, can be sized up or down 3 sizes
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